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There will be no parking allowed Sunday in the Roanoke Avenue business districts for the return of the city’s Christmas parade.

This includes both business districts from Thirteenth to Ninth streets and again from Fourth Street to the end of the parade route in the First Street area, according to the Roanoke Rapids Police Department.

Parade visitors can park from Ninth Street north to Fourth Street along the side of the road.

At 1:30 p.m. police will travel the avenue for compliance and any vehicles parked in the business district will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Other rules

No pets are allowed at the parade whether they are on a leash or in your lap. The only exception would be dogs that are in your vehicle if you are sitting inside.  

No bicycles or skateboards should be operated on sidewalks.  

Be on the lookout for small children.  

Parade participants throwing candy should try to get the candy far away from vehicles and floats. 

Do not leave valuables in your vehicles in parking lots and make sure that your vehicles are locked. 

A police officer will be posted at each intersection on Roanoke Avenue and there will be several roving uptown and downtown on foot patrol. They will be in uniform and wearing reflective vests.