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Greg Lawson today announced his intention to file to run as mayor of Roanoke Rapids.

He is a former police chief and former city council member.

He released the following statement:

“I am announcing my candidacy for mayor after prayerful consideration and encouragement from friends and concerned citizens.”   

He said, “Having both worked and raised my family in Roanoke Rapids for the past forty-six years I am passionate about our city and want to see our city grow. I served our city as a police officer for thirty years before retiring as the chief of police in 2008 and as a District 2 City Council member from 2009 to 2013.  My years of experience in city government have provided me with a solid understanding of our city’s finances, its services, and the responsibilities of a city council member.  If elected, I will provide you with strong leadership and will passionately work to maintain our quality of life for our residents, prosperity for our businesses, and the excellence of our city services.

“Our city has faced enormous financial challenges over the years as a result of the Roanoke Rapids Theatre and its failure.  However, its failure should no longer define who we are as a city and should not continue to be used as an excuse to not be forward thinking or have a vision to grow our city.”

He said, “Someone once said, ‘Opportunity is often overlooked because it’s dressed in coveralls and looks a lot like work.’  As your mayor, I will not overlook opportunities because it looks like hard work, but instead will embrace opportunities and work hard for each of you.”  

Lawson said his vision for the city “is for it to thrive by identifying and building on our existing assets and engaging and soliciting input from both our citizens and business community to plan for our future. I will explore and take advantage of outside funding and work to create incentives for redevelopment and encourage investment in our community.  

“I am a service-oriented individual that understands that growth and a path forward is only accomplished with set goals and a vision for the future of our city. By working with all of our stakeholders, we can develop a marketable brand for our city that will encourage new business growth, profitable development and a vibrant main street.  My goal is to market our city as a friendly place to do business, raise a family, recruit manufacturing, and make common sense decisions that will do well for all of our citizens.”  

Fostering economic growth, he said, “is a team effort best well-served by involving all of our citizens and business leaders with open and transparent ideas.  I will be a mayor that looks at the possibilities instead of past failures. I believe, with all my heart, that we can do better and it is time to embrace new and innovative ideas by working hard together to move this city forward.  

“I am not satisfied with city leadership that is complacent and shows up to meetings to check all the boxes and move on. I want city leadership that brings ideas to the table, works together to advance our city, and is energized and willing to put in the hard work to make our city better. I want leadership that listens to all and not a few, leadership that sets goals and looks for ways to streamline government, yet understands that quality of life services are important to our family’s well-being and are assets when recruiting new businesses. I want leadership accountability and due-diligence with our city finances that will protect our financial future.”  

In closing he said, “If you want vision with established goals to move our city forward for the sake of our future, I would cherish your vote next March.”