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Roanoke Rapids Councilwoman Suetta Scarbrough wants to see that a native son is honored for serving on the detail which fired a 21-gun salute for former President George H.W. Bush Monday.

Matthew Blanton is a United States Army private assigned to the Third U.S. Infantry Regiment, also known as The Old Guard.

Blanton, 18, according to an account posted on WRAL, was tasked with keeping count of the artillery fire so the precise number of rounds fired didn’t go over or under the traditional military salute.

It was his first assignment, the TV station reported from Washington.

Scarbrough said at this evening’s council meeting, “I’m so proud, so very proud.”

She asked Mayor Emery Doughtie to consider writing a letter to Blanton honoring him for his part in the 21-gun salute, to which the mayor agreed.

“I am proud,” Scarbrough said. “I think the town should be proud.”

Blanton was quoted in the WRAL article as saying, “"It's an honor to do this for anyone, not just the president, but this being a president, it’s a huge honor for me being so new to this and having this opportunity to take place in history."