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One day shy of a year reporting data on the COVID-19 pandemic, the percent positive of new cases in Halifax County is at 3.8 percent, the health department reported today.

“We’re very fortunate, the reason being the demand for vaccines has declined and it could open us for another spike,” health Director Bruce Robistow said this evening. “It’s good the numbers are down. It’s good that the governor is acting positively by lifting restrictions but we can’t think that it went away.”

Robistow said the reasons he hears for people not wanting the vaccine vary and include that some are waiting for the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccination while some are based solely on misinformation such as microchips being placed in the vials. “It would be impossible to get one in every syringe. As a long time resident of Halifax County and a man committed to protecting the public health of everyone, I contest the facts of this negative information.”

Thursday will mark a year since the health department has been recording data related to the virus. “Working through a pandemic has been the most challenging experience of my career,” Robistow said — “recording the numbers and watching them initially climb to the most frightening levels amplified the challenges that public health had to face. The rewards started coming in the last month where the efforts of everyone started to pay off.”

Despite the decrease, the health director said, “It is vital that we remind ourselves that this battle is not over and strict compliance with the mask mandate and other directives set forth by the governor are followed strictly. We can and we will get through this but it truly takes an all hands on deck effort. Please stay strong, stay focused, and stay compliant and don’t forget to get vaccinated.”

Daily report

The health department today reported seven new positive cases which brings the cumulative total since last March to 5,122.

There have been 103 related deaths. Information on recoveries and current cases was not available today.

Total number of positives by ZIP code beginning last March 25 through today:

 Enfield (27823) – 701 cases

Halifax (27839) – 246 cases 

Hobgood (27843) – 107 cases 

Hollister (27844) – 253 cases

Littleton (27850) – 427 cases 

Roanoke Rapids (27870) – 2,781 cases 

Scotland Neck (27874) – 349 cases

Weldon (27890) – 241 cases

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Race/Ethnicity 

The numbers increased after a peak the week of January 9.

Percent Positive of COVID 19 Cases

This number did increase over the past week with a two-week average of 3.8 percent. Robistow has said he wants to see the target number below 5 percent.

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Age  

Ages 25-49 and 50-64 equally represent the largest age groups who have tested positive this past week.

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Congregate Living Setting Association

The numbers remained the same for the past week.

Halifax County Vaccination Status 

13,440 people at least partially vaccinated — 26.9 percent of the population 

6,810 people fully vaccinated — 13.6 percent of the population 

Northampton County

The health department reported today there have been 1,742 total positive cases of which 1,662 have recovered. There are 12 active cases. There have been 68 related deaths.