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A scam caller is using the name of a current Roanoke Rapids police officer to tell the potential victim they or a family member possibly have a bench warrant and can clear it by making a payment through a gift card.

Roanoke Rapids police Chief Bobby Martin said the calls that have been received are coming from a number that shows up as 252-721-5597. They have been using Lieutenant Adam Salmon’s name.

Once the card is purchased by the victim and the victim gives the scammer the card number the card is cleared of the funds deposited, Martin said. “This is not the way law enforcement handles bench warrants. It involves a process of going through a magistrate and receiving a bond. Law enforcement does not receive payments for warrants, bonds or any similar legal processes.”

Officers also do not call about payments for warrants or bonds for family members. 

Martin said he has received three or four calls about this scam and the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office has also received a complaint. “We also do not instruct you to put money on various cards and send the card information.”

Anyone who has received this type of call should call the police department at 252-533-2810 or the sheriff’s office at 252-583-8201 and ask for an officer on duty.