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The percentage of positive novel coronavirus cases has decreased to a two-week average of 6.1 percent, the Halifax County Health Department reported today.

“It’s incredible news,” health Director Bruce Robistow said this evening. “We were at around 17 percent about a month ago. When I spoke to the school systems we were at 17 percent.”

One of the factors leading to the drop is the holidays are now over, he said. “We had projected that due to holidays and winter months our numbers would increase.”

Said Robistow: “It’s exciting news, however, Halifax County remains in the red zone while multiple counties have decreased to an orange or yellow category and this is the reflection of non-compliance of the Three Ws on an individual level. Wearing a mask and following the Three Ws remains the primary mitigation tool to control COVID-19 and to continue to get us to a level of normalcy.”

The Three Ws are frequent handwashing, waiting 6-feet apart, and wearing a facial covering.

Expanding vaccinations throughout the county is important to bring it to a point of herd immunity in the coming months, he said. “It is up to every individual to work together using both these efforts to get us past this pandemic.”

Today the health department added 17 new positive cases of the virus to its data which brings the total cumulative number of positives since March to 4,960. There have been 95 related deaths.

Data on recoveries and current cases was not available in today’s report.

Total number of positives by ZIP code beginning March 25 through today:

Enfield (27823) – 661 cases

Halifax (27839) – 239 cases 

Hobgood (27843) – 104 cases 

Hollister (27844) – 245 cases

Littleton (27850) – 384 cases 

Roanoke Rapids (27870) – 2,713 cases 

Scotland Neck (27874) – 327 cases

Weldon (27890) – 235 cases

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Race/Ethnicity 

This number decreased over the past week.

Percent Positive of COVID-19 Cases

This number decreased over the past week.

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Age  

Ages 25-49 represent the largest age group who have tested positive this past week.

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Congregate Living Setting Association

This number peaked the week of January 30 but decreased for the past week.