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The town of Enfield has promoted police Chief Tyree Davis to town administrator and current police Captain Chuck Hasty to chief effective Wednesday.

Davis said this afternoon the new job will not affect his decision to run for Halifax County sheriff in 2022.

“In total transparency to my commissioners and mayor, I spoke with them about those intentions before,” Davis said. “I have been talking about this for years and talked to them before I applied for this position and during the process. Even though I’m running for sheriff in 2022 I’m focusing on being the town administrator of Enfield and moving Enfield forward.”

Davis has been police chief since 2015 and said in a statement today, “Since taking over as chief I have ensured that citizens and officers were held accountable for their actions. As your chief I have always been fair, firm and consistent. I made sure the decisions made were made based on the facts I had at the time. 

“I never let politics, promises or the buddy system play a role when it came to the safety and security of my community or my officers.”

Changes in the police department

Davis said the police department has changed from being a department that was 100 percent reactive to one which is proactive, “where officers’ self-initiated activity to prevent and detect criminal activity and to coactive, where officers partnered with stakeholders such as citizens, business owners and schools, to not only reduce criminal activity and solve crime in Enfield but in other jurisdictions, too. This partnership helps us prevent, reduce and solve crime.” 

He said, however, as a department and as chief, “We are not without flaws. Every day was not always sunshine and rainbows. We have had our good days and bad days. But no matter how the day was going I have always made the decision that was best for the community and department. At the Enfield Police Department we are our community.”

Davis said he has always tried to push training and education with his staff. “I believe a better trained officer is a more confident and productive officer. My friends, community and co-workers would always ask, what class are you taking now? You are the chief, what more could you want? Why do you need more training? I had no idea at the time our town administrator position would come available and I would have an opportunity to fill the position. However, as chief I have always told those friends, community members and co-workers that you cannot wait until it is time to be ready to get ready. So, when the town administrator position became available, I was ready for the position.”

Further education

As a full time detective Davis went back to school full time to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Kaplan University. He later obtained a master certificate in supervisory management and a master certificate in business management. 

He has formal training in several areas which include fair and impartial policing, developing community relations, Management — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Credible Leadership Modules I and II from Wake Tech Community College, personnel management, management and supervision, crime prevention, handling problem employees, grant writing and grant management, budgeting and administration, management skills and leadership development, personnel law issues, staff development and retention, customer service, community presentation and relations and project management.

He is also a law enforcement general instructor at Halifax Community College.

While chief, Davis earned a master’s degree in public administration from Capella University. 

He is also enrolled in Credible Leadership III at Wake Tech and at the University of North Carolina is taking the municipal and county administration program and is scheduled to graduate in May.

“Getting this position is proof that teamwork, integrity, training, education, and experience are important in Halifax County,” he said. “I tell people no matter how high you make it up the ladder, you should always seek training and education because if you keep looking up there is always another step. 

“If you have a supervisor that does not seek training and education for themselves, they will make sure you do not seek training and education, too, and in law enforcement and public service that is dangerous. Mediocrity cannot be accepted. I thank God for this great opportunity and all he has done for me, my family, staff, and community.”


Davis said he is also thankful for everyone he has worked with at the police department. “It does not matter for how long we worked together or the reason why we no longer work together. Each one of you taught me something and made me a better person, friend, manager, and supervisor. Your hard work and dedication to the community and department made it easier for me to be your chief. 

“I know that we did not always see eye to eye, but we were able to sit down, talk things out and handle it like professionals. I have always told my staff my job was to build great leaders. I truly believe while building great leaders in you, you built a great leader in me and to that I say thank you.”  

He expressed thanks to the Enfield community which allowed him and his officers “to gain your trust and respect over the years. Thank you for supporting us in our times of need. I can truly say the relationship our police department has with our citizens is second to none. We have an open line of communication and a great relationship.”

Davis said as chief he will miss taking children to the store to buy them snacks for good grades or birthdays. “As chief I will miss taking my daily walks with the kids in the projects and then letting them play with the blue lights and siren, letting them get on the loudspeaker telling people to turn around and put their hands up. And how can I forget making sure I gave each of them a piece of gum each day before I left. I will miss doing this as your chief, but I promise you, I will continue those walks, buying snacks for report cards and birthdays as your town administrator.”
Davis is also appreciative for the support from his wife and children as he worked long days and nights as chief and “for the times I was too tired to play after work, missed your events, date night, had to leave dinners early or home in the middle of the night to go and help others.” 

Said Davis: “Thank you for the time you gave up so I could spend it with other families helping them get peace and justice. Thank you for saying daddy we know you’re not here because you are helping the good people and catching bad people in the world. Thank you for sharing me with our community.”  

He said, “In the days to come I look forward to working with Chief Hasty while continuing to serve Enfield as your town administrator. I have had and scheduled more meetings with the town commissioners, mayor, department heads, staff and citizens so we can come together to continue to move Enfield forward.  I look forward to bringing my experience, education, training and ideas to the table. I have already spoken to many citizens that are willing to get on board to help Enfield.  I look forward to hitting the ground running. Great things are happening in Enfield.”


Hasty said this afternoon, “I am honored the town board chose me to lead the Enfield Police Department. I look forward to continuing the work Chief Tyree Davis has started here and moving forward with the community police efforts. I look forward to working with him as he takes on his new role as the town manager.”

Hasty has more than 29 years of law enforcement experience with several different agencies.

He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration from Columbia Southern University and holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriff’s Education & Training Standards Commission. He holds a Certified Criminal Investigator’s Certificate from the North Carolina Justice Academy.

Hasty, who resides in the Halifax area, is married to Tonya and has three children — Trey, Macie and Karson.