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Two Roanoke Rapids men have been charged in the June fentanyl overdose death of an Enfield man, the Roanoke Rapids Police Department reported today.

In the gallery: Garner, left, and Harris

Investigative Sergeant G.L. Williams charged Katoe Wardell Harris Jr., 22, with second-murder distribution of drugs, felony conspiracy, sell and deliver schedule I, and sell and deliver schedule II.

Nyati Garner, 22, was charged with felony conspiracy, sell and deliver schedule I, and sell and deliver schedule II.

Police Chief Bobby Martin said this afternoon an autopsy performed on 25-year-old Rakueem Edmonds confirmed the Enfield man died of a drug overdose while staying at the Brookwood Motel on June 26.

Martin said police are investigating similar overdose deaths but thus far no charges have been filed.

Harris has had numerous run-ins with law enforcement and the state court calendar shows he has nine appearances scheduled in both district and superior courts on numerous charges from January 20 to January of 2022.

Those court dates reflect some 40 charges and over the last few months Harris, who Martin described as a reputed drug dealer, has reportedly led officers on chases which have resulted in flee to elude counts.

In a statement today Martin said Harris is currently on probation.

The charges against Garner reflect that he took Harris to the motel located on Julian R. Allsbrook Highway, Martin said. “He knew what was being sold. They were there to sell drugs.”

On June 26 Edmonds was found unresponsive in a room of the motel and investigation showed the cause of death was from drug-related complications.

The investigation by Williams, Martin said in the statement, established probable cause to obtain warrants on Harris as well as Garner.

Martin said investigators will be reaching out to federal authorities.

In the statement Martin said, “The Roanoke Rapids Police Department is committed to making the community a safe place to live and is working hard to accomplish this goal. The two suspects in this news release are responsible for the death of Rakueem Edmonds. 

“The sale and delivery of the narcotics in this case is the direct cause of death. The citizens of Roanoke Rapids have the right to know what is going on in their city. We will continue to fight the drug trade that is responsible for so many young people losing their lives.”

Harris and Garner surrendered to the police department Wednesday, Harris receiving a $150,000 secured bond and Garner a $50,000 secured bond. They have February 3 court dates.

Sergeant C. Babb worked on investigation of the case with Williams, Martin said.