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Three more positive cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported in Halifax County this afternoon and Northampton County Thursday reported its third COVID-19 related death.

Halifax County Public Health System Director Bruce Robistow said in an update this afternoon there are now 47 positive cases in the county.

In its update this afternoon, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety reported there are now 16 positive cases at Caledonia Correctional Institution in Tillery. That number was at 14 positive cases Thursday.

The county health system counts the positive cases at the prison in its total numbers.

Robistow’s update says there have also been two additional recoveries as of this afternoon.

“Our health department is aware of 283 COVID-19 tests being performed on Halifax County residents to date,” he said in the update. 

Of those 283, the health system reports:

47 positive results; one related death; and 24 recoveries.

There are 11 tests pending and there have been 225 negative results.

Northampton County

Currently, there are four additional positive COVID-19 cases bringing the total to 79 along with 55 having recovered and one additional related death, the county health department said.

“Northampton County Health Department has been investigating cases of COVID-19 in our community in both the individual and outbreak settings,” the department said. “Part of that investigation also includes looking for possible COVID-19 related death events. Our county has been informed that we have had an additional potential COVID-related death bringing the total number of potential COVID-related deaths to three.

“Northampton County Health Department offers its sincerest sympathy for the family of this case, and for all families and individuals impacted by COVID-19 illness.”

The state department of health and human services defines a novel coronavirus death as a death resulting from clinically compatible illness that was confirmed to be COVID-19 by an appropriate laboratory test. “There should be no period of complete recovery between COVID-19 diagnosis and death. Based on this case definition and an investigation into the illness of the case patient, NCDHHS is classifying this event as a COVID-19 related death.”

The health department is not sharing further information on the death.