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Two defendants are scheduled for arraignment in June and another is scheduled for sentencing the same month in a case where four men were federally charged with a series of armed robberies in the Garysburg area in 2018.

One of the men charged, Derrick Harvey of Roanoke Rapids, was sentenced to 77 months in the Bureau of Prisons last month. He pleaded guilty to count 1 in the indictment.

District Judge Louise Wood Flanagan also ordered Harvey to serve three years of supervised release at the completion of his sentence; pay a special assessment of $100 which was due immediately; and pay $421 in restitution.

Meanwhile, Juwan Karaii Allen and Jarmise Kyshey Rook, both of Gaston, are scheduled for arraignment in New Bern before Magistrate Judge Robert B. Jones Jr. during the June 3 term of court, according to federal court records.

Javarrae Kyshek Rook, also of Gaston, is scheduled for sentencing in New Bern during the June 8 term of court before Flanagan. He pleaded guilty to counts 1 and 2 in the indictment.

The men were indicted federally in July.

The local investigations were conducted by Captain Patrick Jacobs and Lieutenant A. Roye of the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office and then bound to the federal court system.

The men were indicted on three federal counts which charged on or about April 27, 2018, Javarre Rook, Allen and Harvey by force and violence, and by intimidation, robbed New Dixie Mart on Highway 46 in Garysburg by means of actual and threatened force.

Count two charged on or about May 4, 2018, Javarrae Rook by force and violence, and by intimidation, did unlawfully obstruct, delay, and affect, and attempt to obstruct, delay and affect, robbery of the store by using actual and threatened force.

In count three the federal grand jury charged Javarrae and Jarmise Rook by robbery on May 8, 2018, took and obtained personal property from the store.