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There are now 39 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Halifax County after three more positive tests were reported today.

Health system Director Bruce Robistow said in his update as of 3:30 this afternoon there were no changes in the number of people who have recovered from the novel coronavirus. As of Monday, there had been 20 people who have recovered.

There have been 215 total tests performed on Halifax County residents to date. There are six tests pending. There are 170 negative results.

There has been one death related to COVID-19 in the county.

Asked for comment on movements across the state and nation to begin reopening businesses, the health director said, “My response would be we are not ready to reopen businesses or to back off any executive orders or guidelines. We need to continue on the same path we are currently on — staying home when we can, conducting essential business. Nothing should be done differently right now. We’re just not seeing the downturn.”

Robistow said he encourages people to continue to stay home, practice social distancing, hand washing, coughing or sneezing into a tissue or the bend of your elbow, sanitizing items and surfaces regularly.

He continues to encourage all essential company leaders to strongly encourage their staff to wear a mask when working in close proximity to customers and fellow staff members. This will prevent people that may have COVID-19 from spreading it to others. Anyone who feels they cannot keep the social distance of 6 feet or more, should also wear a mask if available or appropriate facial covering.

Those who believe they may have the novel coronavirus are encouraged to contact their doctor or healthcare provider and seek their guidance.

Symptoms include a fever of 100.4 or higher; a cough with shortness of breath; fatigue and aching similar to flu.

Caledonia Correctional Institution in Tillery, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, still has nine inmates who have tested positive.

Northampton County

Currently, there are still 74 positive COVID-19 cases in Northampton County. 

The health department reported this afternoon an additional seven cases have recovered bringing the total number of recovered cases to 54. 

There are two COVID-19 related deaths.