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Lakeland Cultural Arts Center is transferring its assets into the hands of a non-profit organization.

This transfer, according to Lakeland President Roy Pierce III, is a move which will provide better upkeep and maintenance of the center.

The non-profit is currently undisclosed. Another announcement is expected in the following weeks.

Pierce said today all contracts have been signed and are now being reviewed.

In a statement on the matter, Pierce said the transfer of what is described as “valuable assets” includes the facilities and 15.5 acres of land where the former Littleton High School is located at Mosby Avenue in Littleton.

Lakeland was established more than 40 years ago by Mark E. Taylor.

The cultural arts center has been well-established as a community theater and will continue to serve as such. “Lakeland is still autonomous, but taking care of the almost century-old property is a constant struggle on a shoestring budget,” Pierce said in the statement. “This puts the property in the hands of an organization that is better-funded, and geared towards community support and outreach.”

Pierce said there are leases and paperwork in place to protect Lakeland. “We will still be there in the facilities, on the Littleton High School campus where we belong. We will still be run by our board of directors. We will still take care of our staff and employees. We control our operations and outreach programs.” 

Pierce sees the transfer as a positive move and one he believes will allow Lakeland to better concentrate on its mission to enhance, educate and entertain the greater community. “It just lifts a huge burden off of us in trying to upkeep the buildings, and lets us focus on enriching our community.”