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A person or persons claiming to be a deputy with the Halifax County Sheriff's Office has been calling residents saying he is attempting to collect money from people who failed to report for jury duty.

While it is illegal to fail to report for jury duty, Chief Deputy Scott Hall said this evening when that happens a deputy will come to the residence of an offender.

In a statement this afternoon Hall said the sheriff’s office has received a large number of calls from citizens concerning this scam. 

The caller has stated he is a deputy sheriff named David Chaplin, who is with the civil records division and is attempting to collect money for failing to report for jury duty and an arrest warrant has been issued. 

The caller tells the victim to go to a local business and purchase prepaid cards which will then be given to the caller and the funds are electronically removed from the card.

Hall said this evening the sheriff’s office has no one by the name David Chaplin working with the organization.

He said there has been at least one report of a resident being victimized by the scam.

The caller has used different numbers, some of which appear to be reproduced or spoofed to look like a local number.

Hall said the sheriff’s office continues to investigate the identity of the suspect or suspects in the case.

In the statement he said, “Please do not send money, card numbers, or any other personal information to anyone claiming to be a deputy with any sheriff’s office. Remember, the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is not seeking funds from its citizens.

Anyone who receives the call should refuse to send money and call a deputy at 252-583-8201.