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Roanoke Rapids City Council is expected to take one more look at its proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal.

This came at the insistence of Councilman Wayne Smith at this evening’s meeting and comes two weeks before council is set to vote on the $16,809,139 financial plan at its June 18 meeting. The proposed budget contains no tax increase and does not draw from fund balance.

Smith asked following a public hearing on the matter, which drew no speakers, whether council members would like to have another meeting on the budget. “There are line items that need to be cleared up for me to know exactly what they are.”

Smith declined to go into specifics following the meeting, only reiterating he wanted to go over all the line items.

City Manager Joseph Scherer said afterward the proposed budget remains the same as he presented it during council’s May 21 meeting.

The plan provides the following:

A $500-$250 bonus for all full-time and part-time employees.

Continues the city’s longevity program and a 401k supplemental compensation program which provides matching contributions up to a maximum of 3 percent for non-law enforcement employees.

Provides a 2.5 percent increase in employee health insurance premiums with no reduction in plan benefits.

Includes small increases for additional qualification ammo, body armor and body camera replacement and maintenance for the police department.

Allows the fire department to maintain service levels for fire prevention, response and first responder activities.

Allows funding for major road improvements on Old Farm Road, supplies for the road patching machine, and increased tipping fee costs.

Increases the cost of officials to offer additional older adult recreation leagues and required fire safety equipment upgrades and replacement at T.J. Davis and Kirkwood Adams.

Provides a full-time administrative employee for planning and development.