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Halifax County has a consultant to guide it through the potential sale of Home Health and Hospice.

Deputy County Manager Dia Denton said Ron Clitherow has guided several counties through the process of selling either county-run home health or hospice services in the past.

Denton said in a statement the consultant will guide the county through the closure and sale of the agency, which is projected to occur in the fall.

Halifax is one of only a handful of North Carolina counties that still offer home health services, and is one of only five in the state to offer hospice services.

Commissioners took the initial steps last week to put the agency up for sale.

Denton said in the statement increased expenses and declining revenues, as well as increased private sector competition, no longer allows the agency to be self-sustaining.

As of the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the fund balance is depleted, and commissioners declined to appropriate additional general funds to sustain it.

The agency is staffed with eight full-time and five part-time employees.  

They will have the option of going to work with the company that buys the agency or they may apply to any open positions within Halifax County government.

Denton said there is interest in the agency from prospective buyers. She declined comment on a target price for the business.

The agency was created in 1969 as a service through the Halifax County Health Department. It is certified for Medicare, Medicaid and also accepts private insurance.

It is licensed by the state of North Carolina Division of Facility Services.

A public hearing on the potential sale of the agency has yet to be set.