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Halifax Community College has established its Early Childhood Education Apprenticeship Program, an initiative designed to provide educators with hands-on experience and training in early childhood education. 

This registered apprenticeship aims to prepare the next generation of early childhood educators in North Carolina and is recognized by ApprenticeshipNC, the college said.

This program began as a pilot called Building Bright Futures whereby pre-apprentices can receive stipends for completing the program and transportation. 

The NC Community College Apprenticeship has a tuition waiver for high school students who either complete a registered pre-apprenticeship before graduation and register with the aligned apprenticeship within 120 days of graduation or register as apprentices before high school graduation.

Building Bright Futures also offers financial support for wraparound services and other needs and provides employers with a 50 percent wage match stipend for hours worked by pre-apprentices and apprentices.

BBF also hosts a mentor support program and various online and in-person enrichment events for participants.

ApprenticeshipNC operates under the North Carolina Community College System and runs employer-centered apprenticeship programs in various occupations. “These programs are designed to develop a highly skilled workforce, reduce turnover, and increase employers' productivity and profitability,” the college said. “This initiative addresses the growing demand for qualified early childhood educators and equips participants with the skills and experience needed for a fulfilling career in this important field.”

The establishment of this registered apprenticeship was a collaborative effort between Halifax Community College, Choanoke Area Development Association, NC Business Committee for Education’s Building Bright Futures, Turning Point Workforce Development Board, NC Commerce, and Halifax County Schools. “Halifax Community College is committed to supporting this initiative and looks forward to its positive impact on our community.”

For more details about the program and how organizations and students can participate,contact Tiffany Hale, customized training and apprenticeship director at 252- 536-6342.