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Halifax Community College and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Health Professions have entered into a strategic agreement with the primary aim of streamlining the transfer and degree completion process for students pursuing the medical laboratory technology associate of applied sciences at HCC to seamlessly transition into the bachelor of science degree program in medical laboratory science at UAMS.

The overarching goal of this agreement is to provide students with a clear and efficient pathway to earning a degree from both institutions. 

The college said by fostering collaborative efforts, HCC and UAMS seek to eliminate ambiguity surrounding degree requirements, empowering students to achieve their educational aspirations with greater ease.

Key highlights of the agreement include:

Credit transfer: Students graduating from the MLT program at HCC will be eligible to transfer 71 credit hours, encompassing all clinical hours. This strategic allocation ensures that students need not repeat any clinical hours, expediting their journey toward degree completion.

Online Program: The entire program is offered online, enhancing accessibility for students. This approach aligns with the evolving landscape of education and caters to the diverse needs of the student body.

In-state tuition: All students enrolled in the program will be eligible to pay Arkansas in-state tuition rates.

Degree requirements: The bachelor of science degree program at UAMS requires students to complete an additional 45 credit hours.

“This collaboration marks a significant step towards creating a seamless educational pathway, fostering a conducive environment for student success,” HCC said.  “HCC and UAMS are committed to empowering students with the tools and resources needed to excel in the field of medical laboratory science.”