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Business registrations due by August 1st for City of Roanoke Rapids

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All businesses engaged in or conducting business within the city limits are required to register their business with the City of Roanoke Rapids by obtaining and/or renewing a Business Registration Certificate from the Tax Department.

The City of Roanoke Rapids must be able to maintain accurate demographic and contact information regarding businesses that operate within the city limits.

This information is crucial for Roanoke Rapids Fire and Police Departments so that they can respond to emergencies and conduct fire and safety inspections as required by the State of North Carolina.
2017-18 Business Registration Certificates will be valid from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. The cost to obtain a registration certificate is $20 for all businesses.
Authorized by the N. C. General Assembly and the Roanoke Rapids City Council, this requirement helps City officials achieve several very important objectives:
To promote public health, safety, and welfare, and to continue to monitor business activity within the city limits.
To provide reliable information as to who is conducting or planning to conduct what kind of business at what location within Roanoke Rapids city limits. Equipped with this information, City officials are able to take steps to ensure that businesses locate and operate in areas that are properly zoned for the particular type of business conducted.
To provide accurate information regarding local businesses to Police, Fire, 911, county tax authorities and citizens.
In addition to complying with city regulations, businesses benefit from being registered with the City in several other ways. Many banks and lenders require proof that a business is valid to open an account or secure a loan.
Potential clients or customers often need assurance that the business is legitimate and properly registered.
Having a registered business can make you eligible to receive supplier discounts that you would not receive otherwise. Obtaining a Business Registration Certificate allows a business to satisfy all of these needs.
For more information, please review the Roanoke Rapids Code of Ordinances Title XI: Chapter 118: Business Regulations on the city website at
Business owners that did not register their business in 2016-17 are urged to download an application from the city website (under Downloads/Tax) or stop by the tax office of City Hall at 1040 Roanoke Avenue. Business registration certificates must be obtained by August 1, 2017. In 2018, renewal applications will be mailed to businesses in June and will be due by July 1.
**If you obtained a Business Registration Certificate for 2016-17 you will receive a renewal invoice in the mail within the next several days.
*Note: If your business is required to carry a Beer/Wine license you are Exempt from Business Registration since the necessary information is already being provided for your business. By the same token, businesses still required, by City Ordinance, to carry a Privilege License (Taxicab/Limousine, Itinerant Merchant and Peddlers) are also Exempt from Business Registration.)

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