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It’s high time we confront an uncomfortable truth head-on: our electoral strategy, or the utter lack thereof, is nothing short of a disaster.

In our misguided attempts to navigate the political landscape, we’ve effectively shot ourselves in the foot, allowing the most extreme candidates to hijack the Democratic ticket in our towns. This isn't just a folly; it's a self-inflicted wound on the very communities we call home. Essentially, we're "shi**ing where we eat," and it’s imperative we acknowledge the stench. The hard truth is this: Republicans who steadfastly register under their banner, believing they’re preserving their ideological purity by avoiding Democratic primaries, are directly contributing to this mess.

It’s a classic case of strategic myopia — failing to see the forest for the trees. Your refusal to engage in the Democratic primary, under some misguided sense of party loyalty, has backfired spectacularly.

**The Consequences of Our Complacency**

Because of this willful disengagement, we've been left with candidates — and, by extension, elected officials — who are at the farthest fringes of the political spectrum. These are individuals who, quite frankly, may not have the slightest interest in governing from a place of compromise or practicality, which is what our counties desperately need. The irony is palpable; in trying to avoid "the lesser of two evils," you’ve ended up empowering what many see as the worst possible outcome.

**A Blunt Call to Action**

Enough is enough. It’s time for a wake-up call and a drastic change in strategy. If you’ve been sitting out the Democratic primaries because you can’t stomach the idea of temporarily aligning with the other side, it’s time to swallow your pride and think strategically. Register as non-affiliated or independent. This isn’t about betraying your principles; it’s about safeguarding our counties from the tyranny of the extreme and ineffectual.

**Steps You Need to Take Immediately:**

1. **Re-register as non-affiliated or independent**: This simple act gives you the power to vote in either party's primary, allowing you to weed out the extremists and support more moderate, practical candidates.

2. **Educate yourself**: Stop voting based on party lines alone and start looking at the candidates. Who has the best interests of Warren, Halifax, and Northampton Counties at heart? Your blind party loyalty is doing more harm than good.

3. **Vote with your head in the primaries**: The primary election is where the battle is truly won or lost. By sitting on the sidelines, you’re allowing a vocal minority to dictate the direction of our communities.

**In Conclusion:**

Our counties are at a crossroads, and continuing down this path of electoral negligence will only lead us further into division and decline. It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and take decisive action. This is your community, your home, and your future we're talking about. Let’s start acting like it matters.