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Saturday, 18 March 2017 15:19

Lady Jackets win a nail biter in bottom of seventh

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Lady Jackets win a nail biter in bottom of seventh Photo by Randy Wrenn

The Roanoke Rapids Varsity Lady Jackets win a nail biter in bottom of seventh Friday night at home against the Franklinton Red Rams.

The Jackets out hit the Rams four to three, two of which came in the first inning for the Jackets. Abbi Carpenter landed on first base off of a fielders choice, then a single by Megan Colston moved Carpenter around to second base. Breanna Allen then doubled sending Carpenter home to score for the Jackets. The Rams scored two runs and took the lead in the third inning off a couple Jacket errors and added another run in the top of the fourth by a homerun, leading 3-1 over the Jackets. Allen sent a dinger over the left outfield fence moving the Jackets within one 2-3.

Kelsey Beirbauer started the last inning hope by making first base on a hit by pitcher. Beirbauer then stole second base and advance to third and home off a Rams outfielders error from a hit off of Farrow to tie the game. Farrow advanced to the second base. Carpenter came to bat with two outs and a farrow on second.  Two Strikes and Carpenter nails a line drive between second and first base. Farrow passes third base and falls and Carpenter makes to first base and gets caught in a an run-down to advance Farrow to home plate to score the winning run before she (Carpenter) is tagged out and the Roanoke Rapids Yellow Jackets win the game 4-3.


Breanna Allen pitched the complete seven inning game giving up three hit one which was a homerun, striking-out ten batters walking three batters earning the win.


Post game comments by Roanoke Rapids head coach Steve Milligan, " I would like to thank girls and my coaching staff for fighting back and never giving up on our magical moment and win."

Photos by Randy Wrenn




2017 Roanoke Rapids Varsity Lady Yellow Jackets Softball Schedule 

Date                             Opponent                  Location                      Time 

WIN                             N. Nash   6                 RRHS   8                    (1-0)

LOSS                            N. Nash   14               RRHS   14                  (1-1)

WIN                             Warren Co.   3            RRHS   4                    (2-1)     Conference (1-0)

LOSS                            Bruns Academy   6      RRHS   5                    (2-2)     Conference (1-0)

LOSS                            Bunn   10                   RRHS   0                    (2-3)     Conference (1-1)

WINN                           Franklinton   3            RRHS   4                    (3-3)     Conference (2-1) 

Tues 3/21                    NCSSM                       Away                           4:00


                                 S. Granville                 Away                           6:00


                                DSA                            Home                          6:00


Fri 3/24                      S. Vance (Military Night)       Home                          6:00


Mon 3/27                    DSA                            Away                           6:00


Tues 3/28                    Warren Co.                 Home                          4:00


Weds 3/29                   Louisburg                   Away                           5:00


Tues 4/4                      Bunn                           Away                           6:00


Fri 4/7                         S. Granville                Home                          6:00


Fri 4/14                       Easter Tourney           Home                          11:00


Sat 4/15                       Easter Tourney           Home                          TBA


Tues 4/25                    Franklinton                 Away                         6:00


Weds. 4/26                  Bruns Academy          Away                          6:00


Fri 4/28                       NCSSM                      Home                          6:00


Tues 5/2 S.                  Vance                          Away                           4:00 


Weds 5/3                     Louisburg                   Home                          6:00

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