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Two arrested in 12 county B&Es

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Two people were arrested this week in a theft ring involving 12 victims, Halifax County Sheriff Wes Tripp said.

The cases, which involved victims from Roanoke Rapids to Littleton to Hollister, is expected to uncover additional victims and additional charges.

Lynch, left, and Lee.

Investigators charged Littleton residents Shandreka Tiera Lee and Trevonta Asharay Lynch, who allegedly broke into multiple homes in Halifax County, Warren County and Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Items taken included flat screen televisions, jewelry and other property.

An exact timetable of when the crimes began has not yet been determined, Tripp said.

He said the sheriff's office received information from Warren County that Lynch and Lee allegedly sold several televisions to pawn shops in Wilson, Henderson and Raleigh.

The sheriff's office at this point does not have a dollar value on the items stolen, the sheriff said.

Further investigation revealed two stores in Greenville where Lynch and Lee allegedly sold televisions. Investigators matched serial numbers on the televisions sold and determined they were stolen. The pair visited pawn shops in Greenville, Wilson, Raleigh and Eden to sell the items, Tripp said.

They allegedly went to pawn stores in Raleigh and Henderson to sell stolen jewelry and authorities in those areas were notified of the sales.

Throughout the course of the investigation multiple search warrants were executed, which netted the seizure of 2.7 grams of powdered cocaine, 127 grams of marijuana, 22 hits of crack cocaine totaling 5.66 grams, stolen flat screen televisions, a PlayStation 3 and other electronics.

Through the investigation, Lynch and Lee have been charged in 12 residential breaking and entering cases in Roanoke Rapids, Littleton and Hollister. Twelve televisions have been recovered and three victims have been identified.

The pair have been charged with 12 counts of conspiracy to commit breaking and entering, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, injury to real property and possession of stolen goods.

Lee was jailed on $60,000 bond and Lynch on $200,000 bond.

They have January 15 court dates.

Tripp declined comment on whether they were also into drug sales.

Tripp said in a statement, “With the cooperation of Sheriff Johnny Williams of Warren County, Sheriff Robert W. Hawkins of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and their offices, and the diligent hard work of our investigators, these cases will be in court.”

Victims will be contacted on recovering their property.




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0 #1 Wondering 2013-12-24 04:35
So glad they got these two off the streets!!! Great job Warren and Halifax County Detectives...bu t what I don't understand is why her bond was so much lower than his. They both should've had the same about of bonds... she has bonded out...I guess she will go on another breaking and entering spree so she can pawn enough stuff to get him out on bond also...Everybod y keep a eye out for your belonging and keep your Smith and Western close by!!!

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