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Roofer charged with failing to complete work

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A Roanoke Rapids man has been charged with accepting money for work he didn't complete, according to the Halifax County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office on September 9 received a report that 29-year-old Jeremiah Davis failed to complete roofing work for a victim in Roanoke Rapids after allegedly being paid $2,000.

Detective Obert Wiltsie charged him with failing to work after being paid.

He received a $2,500 bond and has an October 19 court date.

Wiltsie said Davis faces similar charges in Northampton County where he was allegedly paid $2,500 to do a job he never finished.

He received a $2,500 bond in Northampton and a September 23 court date.

Wiltsie said while it is common to need money upfront for supplies, customers can request the supplies be delivered to potentially avoid circumstances like this.


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+3 #1 HELLO! 2013-09-20 02:22
If you are dealing with a person or business that can afford to start your job with out money up front you may need to find someone else. They obviously are not an established business. Not to mention they probably don't have insurance. Sometimes saving a few bucks can cost you a whole lot more.

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