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Scooter enforcement enters second phase

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The April enforcement of mopeds and scooters has resulted in a drop in them using the center lane and an overall decrease in their numbers.

While Sergeant Richard White of the Roanoke Rapids Police Department did not have specific numbers yet, he said the department has written a few citations.

More than that, however, “Numerous operators have contacted us wanting information and steps that have to be taken to have their scooters registered.”

Now the enforcement enters the second stage, White said. “From this point forward if you’re stopped and in violation you will be cited for whatever laws and ordinances you’re found to be in violation of.”

The enforcement came as motorist complaints about scooter operators grew, from cutting them off in traffic to insurance issues following crashes with uninsured scooter operators.

State law requires that scooters with an engine displacement of 50cc or more or scooters under the 50cc threshold that can travel more than 30 miles per hour be licensed and inspected and their operators carry liability insurance and have the proper motorcycle endorsement.

If the scooter is classified as a moped then its operators must follow the same rules as bicyclists.




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